About Us

The year, 1999 and Arena Pub & Restaurant was born. As a "baby" it took the management hectic days and night in running the daily operation of the business. Throughout the first few years, there were hundreds of problems to handle, hundreds of worries on hand, leaving everybody involved in a state of depression. However, with firm and strong determination to pull through against all odds, the owner, a young Balinese of noble family, Ida Bagus Alit Awatara Putra or better know as Gus Alit eventually managed to survive and win. A true reflection of an entrepreneur supported by professional team work! The Before and After is easy, it is the On-between that matters.

Today, this fabulous family restaurant has become the iconic dining scene in Sanur, a legend in its own right with international clientele ranging from expatriates to diplomats, professionals to executives, housewives to career women, hoteliers to airliners. The list goes on. They have made the place an avenue to gather within their own circle and meet new friends. A lifestyle to some extent.

At dinner time, only two things guarantee you one of the best tables here - loyalty and status. The service staff directs you to your table with the precision of an air-traffic controller. The whole place is filled with vibrant atmosphere-romantic couples enjoying every minute of their date in one area, families gathering in laughter and chit chat in another, men discussing the issue of the day, women exchanging gossips with friends, and teenager having great time in the pool table or Dart online machine.

The ambience radiates throughout from table to table, corner to corner. And only at this point of time can one witness the symbolic relationships between the customers and all the staff serving them. It's how evenings out become memorable times at Arena Pub & restaurant. Enjoy fabulous food, friendly service and great atmosphere. Discover why this eatery has everyone talking and the competition watching.