• Chicken Avocado Salad

      Mix Fresh lettuce decorated with slices of yellow paprika, avocado,
      red onion, top with grilled oregano chicken breast & chery tomatoes
      in tasty homemade onion dressing

    • Rucola Salad

      Garden fresh organic Rocket - Rucola Lettuce in Balsamico
      Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing, sprinkled with croutons
      and PORK/ BEEF bacon
      2) With EXTRA 100 grm sauteed Chicken Liver

    • Cheese & Sausage Salad "Swiss Wurst Salat"

      100 grm each Cold slices PORK Sausage Salad & stripes of 80 grm Tasty
      cheddar Cheese with Onion, Dill Pickle, Egg, Tomato in a tasty Mustard
      Vinaigrette dressing, Served with 2 Salt Stick Breads.

    • Mini Cheese Platter

      Nice Imported Cheese as a Starter or to finish Your Meal. Served with
      a small Bread & Butter. Your Choice of:
      50 grm Castello Danish Blue cheese or
      50 grm Australian Gold creamy Camembert.
      Or do You like both as a Double Portion ???

    • Escargot

      Served gratin with Garlic butter & chop Parsley
      serve with a couple of french baguette

    • Classic Gravlax Salmon

      Atlantic Salmon cured with a subtle fragrance of organic dill that is
      grown in the cool Bali highlands. A classic melt in your mouth treat
      sure to bring your taste buds to life. Served with a Mustard Honey Dill
      Sauce & a slice of Toasted Bread with Butter.

    • T - BONE STEAK

      Australian import quality meat BLACK ANGUS T - Bone,
      Simply grilled to MEDIUM and serve with Refried potato " Bratkartopfeln ",
      slices steam corn on the cob / mix salad and garlic butter on the side.

    • Grilled Tenderloin With Creamy Mushroom Sauce

      Please choose from our Selected & Special Aged
      IMPORTED OR BALI Beef Fillet Tenderloin
      Volcanic Stone Charcoal Grill to Your Order.Served with creamy
      mushroom Sauce on top, Sauteed Carrot & potato Crouquettes.

    • Beef Rump Steak "Holzfaller"

      Wood Chopper Style! Charcoal grilled thin slices of Beef Rump with
      special Paprika spicing & Garlic Butter.
      Served with Sautéed Mushroom & Creamed Fettuccini.
      Steak Meat served Medium Well!!

    • "Open Face" Ground Steak Burger

      Big Burger made from minced Steak Meat. Served "open face" on a
      slice of Bread, slices of grilled Tomato , melted
      Cheddar Cheese, slices pickled Cucumber, brown Onion on Top & a
      Hand full of big Chips. We cook meat only medium well or welldone.

    • BBQ Lamb Chops

      Australian chilled Import Lamb Chops Charcoal Grilled with Rosemary spiced,
      serve with Rosemary Gravy & Mint Sauce - Corn Polenta / Potato Mash
      & Sauteed Mushroom

    • Lamb Steak

      Australian import Lamb steak charcoal grill to your order, serve with
      pure baked potato, sautee asparagus, mushroom sauce & mint sauce

    • Chicken Breast "Piccata Milanese"

      Tender Chicken Breast panfried with an Egg & Parmesan Cheese
      batter. Served on a bed of Fettuccini top with a Garlic Tomato Sauce
      side of Lettuce Salad & Ranch Dressing

    • Fish & Chips

      Chunks of Mahi Mahi Fish breaded & deep fried. Served with big
      Potato Chips, mixed Salad & Tartar Sauce / Cider Vinegar

    • Grilled Pork Knuckle "Schweine Haxe"

      Whole Pork Haxe with crispy Crackling. 1 Haxe approximately 2 kg
      Kg is good for 2 hungry or maximal 3 Guests !!
      Please order Your Side Dishes extra !

    • Bangers & Mash Aussie Sausages

      Australian / English Style Sausages,thick & slightly coarse pan fried PORK Snags
      serve with mashed Potato,green peas & Sauteed Onion Gravy